We now have new benefits for our awesome medical patient members here at Fox Cannabis!

  • Once a month get a $10 eighth
  • 40% off one regularly priced concentrate once a month
  • $95 ounces of all strains
  • $30 store credit on sign over
  • 20% off edibles always
  • Ten cent preroll on your birthday!

Come on in and see us to sign over.

We are revamping our weekly specials! These apply to both our Medical and Recreational side.

Munchie Mondays: 10% off edibles

Terpene Tuesday: $5 off select concentrates

Weed Wednesday: Ounce of shake $54.99 MEDICAL ($64.99 REC)

Topical Thursday: Buy any topical, get one 50% off

Fullmelt Friday: Buy 3 or more grams of Proper Full Melt, get 20% off

CO2 Saturday: Buy one get one half off on Clear cartridges & dabs

Sunday Funday: Spend $30 get unlimited $3 prerolls


Cannabinoid wheel, credit Leafly

There are at least 111 found cannabinoids in cannabis. The major ones available in products sold at Fox Cannabis and other dispensaries are THC, CBD, CBN, and THCa. Also shown on the wheel above (credit: is CBG, THCv, and CBC. Medicinal uses of cannabinoids have been widely studied for human safety. As time goes on, scientists and universities are continuing critical research on the frontier of cannabis science.

  • THCa is unactivated THC, therefore it is non psychoactive and sometimes used for pets or children. THCa becomes activated when it is heated so many products contain THCa that will not become psychoactive until it's smoked or vaporized. In flower, THCa is found in raw and live plants, then slowly converts to THC when drying during a process called decarboxylation.
  • THC is activated THCa, the primary cannabinoid for recreational and many medical users. THC is psychoactive; euphoria and relaxation are some of the most common effects of THC. In itself, THC has relief and benefits both physical and mental.
  • CBD (Cannabidol) is increasing in popularity as research grows in the wide range of cannabis' medicinal benefits. CBD's primary benefits include relief from nausea, seizures, anti-inflammatory disorders, and combating many issues from tumors to depression and anxiety. With CBD, there are decreases in some of the negative effects of THC such as anxiety and short term memory impairment, therefore it is preferred for medicinal benefits. Products at Fox Cannabis containing CBD: Mary's Medicinals transdermal CBD patch, Sweet Mary Jane's 1:1 THC to CBD tincture (also available in 3:1 and 6:1 on our medical side), 19:1 Golden Barn CBD oil, Edipure CBD tie-dye gummy melts, KJL 2:1 CBD vape cartridge, Chronic Creations Harlesin high CBD shatter
  • CBN (Cannanidol) is known as the "cannabinoid that makes you sleep". CBN has a very strong sedative effect and has been studied as an effective anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, appetite stimulant and antibacterial. Products at Fox Cannabis containing CBN: Mary's Medicinals transdermal CBN patch.
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